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Additional Website Features



Below are just some of the Additional Features that can be setup on your Website (at additional cost).


Click here for a list of Standard Features included on all Websites for FREE!



     Additional Website Features

  1. Freebox (very useful and versatile)
    An infobox on your website that allows you to display; Text Messages, Unlimited Banners, Link to your Facebook and Social Media Pages, Display unlimited Paid Adds and More!

  2. Testimonials
    An infobox that display Customer Testimonials. Customers can read and submit testimonials. Approval is required prior to publishing.

  3. Tell a Friend
    Allows cusomters to 'Tell their Friends' about your Website! This feature is setup in your website information box.

  4. Paid Advertising
    An infobox that is used to display Paid Banner Adds. Earn extra income! One add/banner per box. (Freebox can accommodate multiple Paid Banner Adds).

  5. Visitor Counter
    Displays the number of Visitors to your Website! Show's how popular your Website is!

  6. Shop by Price
    An infobox with selectable price ranges. Allows customer to select a price range and 'Shop by Price'

  7. Additional Home Page / Banner Image(s)
    Select an 'Additional Image' to be used in your Website Logo or on your Home Page.

  8. Additional Currencies
    Displays selectable currencies on your Website. eg; US Dollars, NZ Dollars.

  9. Socail Networking Links (Facebook or Twitter)
    Adds Facebook and/or Twitter Social Networking buttons & links to your site!

  10. Facebook 'Like' Button
    When a customer clicks the 'like' button on your Website, your website details will appear on their Facebook page. Collecting Facebook 'likes' is a fantastic way to promote your business.

  11. Facebook Store - Sell on Facebook!
    Harness the power of Social Media, drive sales from your Facebook page to your Facebook Store, to your Website! Automatically lists your Website products for sale on your Facebook Store! Promote your products to over 750 Million Active Facebook Users!
    See Example: http://www.facebook.com/homebusinesswebsites

  12. PDF Product Catalogue
    Generates a PDF Product Catalogue of all of the Products listed on your Website. Send it to customers or use it to market and promote your website.

  13. List all Products
    List all products for sale on your Website.

  14. Category Pictures on Home Page
    Displays category pictures on your Website Home Page.
    Looks Great!

  15. Website Background Wallpaper
    Uses a background wallpaper / pattern in place of just a plain colour background.

  16. Scrolling Marquee Text
    A scrolling message at the top of your Home Page. Used to promote and advertise specials and sales or whatever you like!

  17. Shopping Cart Infobox
    Permanent second display of your customers shopping cart contents in an infobox.

  18. Salemaker
    Apply 'Store Wide' discounts to all products on your Website with the click of a button, eg; 10% off all products.

  19. Order Discounts
    Setup automatic discounts at checkout, based ont he Order Total, eg; spend $150 get 10% discount at checkout.

  20. Quantity Discounts
    Setup Automatic discounts at checkout, based on the number of products purchased, eg; purchase 3 or more products and get 10% discount at checkout.

  21. Additional Reports
    Stock Report - for wholesale websites, shows current stock and quantities.

  22. Newsletter Signup
    An infobox on your Website where customers can sign up directly for your Store Newsletter (by entering only their email address)

  23. Gift Vouchers
    Allows you to sell Gift Vouchers as a product from your Website. Price includes design of Gift Vouchers using graphics from your logo. Great for customers to give to their friends!

  24. Mosaic Product Slider
    A stunning feature that allows you to showcase your products using a sliding / mosaic effect.

  25. Product Slideshow
    A feature that allows you to showcase your products using an automated slideshow.

  26. Facebook 'Like' Box
    Displays a Facebook Like Box on your Website. Includes a 'like' button, NO. of Fans, your latest FB Posts and messages, even pictures of your fans (optional)!


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Please contact us for details and costs of setting up the above Features!





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