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How To Promote & Advertise Your Website


Getting Traffic to your Website is the No 1. Determining Factor in Just How Successful Your Are!

Below are just some ideas!

Further detailed information is provided in your Home Business Website Package.
We show you exactly how, and where to advertise your Website!

There are many great ways to advertise and get listed in all of the top Internet Search Engines & Directories for FREE!

Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising

  • Newspapers
    Local, Community & Australia Wide

  • Classifieds

  • Magazines
    Target Market Specific ie; Kids Clothing Websites - Advertise in Baby & Parenting Magazines.

  • Brochures

  • Notice Boards

  • Newsletters

  • Direct Mailing
    eg; Letterbox Delivery etc

  • Direct Marketing
    eg; Brochures to Play Centres, Playgroups

  • Business Cards

  • Car/Vehicle Advertising

  • Party Plan Sales

  • Market Sales

  • Radio

  • Trade Shows & Expo's

  • Party Plan

  • FREE Stuff
    Everyone loves FREEBIES! There are many websites & organizations that will advertise
    your business for FREE if you donate a prize or discount coupon!


Online Advertising

Offline Advertising

  1. FREE Search Engine Submission

  2. FREE Online Classifieds

  3. FREE Online Business Directories

  4. FREE Online Shopping Directories

  5. FREE Online Forums
    Talk about your business, current sales you are having etc, some even allow you to use your banner as your signature

  6. Google Adwords (Paid)
    Start a Google Adwords Campaign

  7. Start your own Affiliate Program (Paid)
    There are many other High Traffic Websites all waiting to display your Business Banner on their site!. This can generate a huge amount of daily traffic & visitors to your website! Visit our Affiliates page for further details.

  8. Banner Advertising (Paid)
    Use other Target market websites to advertise & promote your Business ie; Kids Clothing Websites - Advertise on www.babybusiness.com.au & other Baby/Kids related Websites, these sites already get thousands of visitors per day.

  9. Create a Blog
    About your business or about something related to your business, and of course list your business details & website address eg; www.blognow.com.au

  10. Provide FREE Articles & Information on your Website
    People really LOVE this stuff - FREE Information! Make it specific to your website, selling Kids Clothes - Provide Articles on Kids, Parenting, Kids Food & Health etc. This is easier than you think - there are hundreds of sites out there that will provide you with topic specific, FREE information and articles! http://www.articlecity.com is just one!

  11. Exchange Banners & Links (FREE)
    With other Websites, this will improve your Search Engine Ranking and your Exposure

  12. Offer Discount Vouchers & Coupons (FREE)

  13. Get setup to List in Shopping Comparison Websites
    (ie; myshopping.com.au, shopbot.com.au etc, this will give your website and products some great exposure)

  14. Online Auction Sites (Paid)
    eBay & Oztion, offer a limited number of items and when you make a sale, send an email or business card to your buyer saying "next time buy direct from our website and save"!

  15. Sell your Products on Facebook
    Harness the power of Social Media! Sell your Website products automatically on Facebook!
    Promote your products to over 750 Million Active Facebook Users!
    Click here to see our demo store


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