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Standard Website Features


Below are the 'Standard' Features that are inluced on all Websites!


     Standard Features (included for FREE on all Websites @ May 2012)

  1.  Custom Store Greeting & Home Page
    Setup the Home Page of your Website however you like! Include any amount of text, include unlimited images etc. You can setup your Home Page however you like!

  2. Featured Products
    This allows you to display the products that you want 'showcased' on the front page of your Website.

  3. Best Seller Infobox
    Displays your Best Selling Products automatically on your Website.

  4. Specials Infobox
    Displays products that are currently 'on Sale' on your Website

  5. New Products Infobox
    Displays 'New Products' automatically on your Website.

  6. Product Reviews
    Allows customers to read and write product reviews. Uses a 5 star rating system.

  7. Discount Coupons
    Allows you to give 'Discount Coupons' to customers and potential new customers.

  8. Sitemap
    Provides a directory map of your Website. Enables Search Engines and Customers to navigate your website easily.

  9. Shop by Brand
    Allows customers to "Shop by Brand' eg; select Fisher-Price

  10. Related Products
    Displays 'Related Products' on your Website. Referred to as cross-selling.

  11. Unlimited Information Pages
    These include FAQ's, Size Chart, About Us, Contact Us etc.

  12. Links Page
    Setup unlimited links to other Websites. Helps your Search Engine Ranking.

  13. Additional Product Images
    Display additional product images for all of your products. eg; different views.

  14. Google Analytics
    A great tool to Monitor your Search Engine Performance, Hits, Visitors and more.

    Also Included on ALL Websites!

    Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Ready:

    All of our Websites are Search Engine Friendly and Ready.  All Websites use SEO friendly URL's.
    Set your own Metatag Data & Keywords for all products, categories and pages.
    Metatags and Keywords are used by Search Engines (eg: Google) when indexing your Website and Products.


    All Websites include a FREE Sitemap that is used by Search Engines and Customers to easily navigate and read your Website.

    Shopping Cart and Checkout

    All Websites include a fully automated Checkout and Shopping Cart.  Order totals and shipping costs for all order are calculated automatically.
    All Websites include a fully automated payment system using paypal which allows you to instantly  accept payments by credit card, bank deposit and eCheque.

    Additional Pages

    All websites include Unlimited information pages (eg: About Us, FAQ's, Competitions, etc)


    All Websites include cross-selling / setup of related products. This allows you to display other related products that your customers may be interested in purchasing.

    Google Analytics

    All Websites include Google Analytics, providing you with up-to-date daily Website and Search Engine Statistics.

    Product Options

    All Websites allow setup of Unlimited Products, Unlimited Categories and Unlimited Sub-Categories!
    All Websites include selectable drop-down product options (ie; setup a size drop-down selection box, a colour selection box,  and more).


    All Websites have 'Reviews' installed. This allows customers to read and post product reviews using a 5 star rating system.

    Links Page

    Setup links to other Websites - improves your search engine ranking, graphics/banners can be included.

    Other Website Inclusions:

    All of our Websites include;
    Special Prices - list products at special prices, for set timeframe.
    Reports - Sales Reports, Products Viewed, Products Purchased etc.
    Unlimited Categories, Sub-Categories and Products
    Unlimited Additional Information / Text pages
    Additional Product images
    Products have 'click to enlarge' to view larger images
    Multiple built-in shipping options
    Built in Newsletter / Subscribers feature
    Unlimited Product Options (Drop down lists for size / colour etc)
    Fully automated checkout and shopping cart
    Awstats Website Statistics, Shows:  daily visitors, hits and most importantly shows you exactly how customers are finding your website!
    Store Database Backup
    Automatic Email confirmation for all orders & sales (customer and administrator).
    Change your own Store Logo
    Change your own home page (Include your own text, graphics, unlimited images)
    Automatic display of new products, specials, bestsellers, and latest products.
    Unlimited Store Email Addresses
    Websites are very easy to use / very 'User-Friendly'
    Websites are 'Live'  -  fully setup and ready to start using Immediately, all you need to do is add your products!


    Other Package Inclusions:
    12 Months Website Hosting Included
    12 Months Support Included
    Domain Name Registration (.com only if required)
    Marketing Guides
    Advertising Guides
    Home / Small Business Guides
    Fully Illustrated and Easy to Follow Website User Manual / Instructions
    FREE Home Business Assistance Visit (anywhere in Australia)
    Search Engine Submission Tools and Utilities
    FREE Business Cards Order details
    Copy of your Website logo/banner included on the CD (use for marketing, to create brochures etc).



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Please contact us for details and costs of setting up the above Features!





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