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Below are just some of the Testimonials we have received;-

Thanks for providing me with all of the new updates and additions to your package. Having access to all suppliers is wonderful and the Facebook and Social Media training package is just what I needed.
I've never used Facebook for Business purposes, and you are right in saying that it is an outstanding free marketing tool. Your video tutorials makes it all so easy to follow. I'm now a guru (well almost - LOL) in using Facebook Insights to monitor and manage my page performance, something I had never even heard of before or knew that it existed.


Please pass on my appreciation to everyone in support, for never making me feel like I was asking stupid questions :-)


Kind Regards
Beverley Hill (Plus Size Clothing & Fashion Website)





Just a quick email to let you know that my business website is now live and up and running! I launched it this morning and have already had 3 sales!!


Thank you to your team for your quick support and I am looking forward to building my little business into something big!


Thanks again


Kind Regards,

Natalie (Organic Website)



Just touching base & letting you know that I am doing really well. My shop has just taken off. I have made lots of sales so far.

About 3 weeks ago, I got so busy, I had an order everyday!

Im having a TV ad starting next week so will see how much traffic that generates too.

Thanks again for this great business, all in the comfort of my home & looking after our new little man,time has flown he is 8 months now. Its such a blessing to be able to do this.


Sandra (Mums & Bubs Website)



Thank you for the outstanding service and the professional websites you have set up for me. My wife loves her new part time at home job! The website is easy to use and when I’ve been stuck you guys have helped straight away. Once again thanks.


All the best for Xmas and the New Year.

Michael & Mary (Kids Clothing Website)



Thanks for your help. I'm so glad I bought from you guys, as your help these last 6 months has been amazing.

Leonie (Toys & Collectibles Website)


Dear Sarah,
As you would know from my many conversations with you prior to purchasing a website, I didn't think I would be able to do it. Being 69 years young and having just purchased my first computer. But here I am 3 weeks later and have already made two sales without even advertising.


Thank you again for all your patience with me.

Sue-Ellen (Toys Website)



Thanks for the recent work you have done for us and all the training provided. Couldn't have asked for better service or support.


Took your advice and got a FREE Home Assistance Visit yesterday, WOW - talk about information overload. We will be registering our business next week and setting up as a partnership.


Thanks for making this possible for us.

Joanne & Charlene (Toys & Gifts Website)


Thank you for all of your recent efforts in setting up a custom designed Website for me. Appreciate your suggestions, your assistance and the on-going support of your staff. My maternity range is going GREAT.
Shaun, thanks for your dedication to my sometimes un-workable requests!

T. Rosenthal (Maternity & Plus Size Clothing)


Just wanted to let you know that you do have at least one "male" operating (or at least assisting in operating) one of your websites. Not something that I originally seen myself doing, but since being made redundant my wife and I now share the business.


We're very interested to expand our online business and purchase a "Tools" Website from you when they are made available, please keep us informed.

Todd & Marie (Gifts Website)


Can't believe the difference a few well placed banners can make! Our visitors have gone from 10 per week to between 40-55 per day. Thanks for giving me the heads-up on that.
Gaye (Mums & Bubs Website)



Hi Guys, just to let you know I'm finally taking the plunge and giving in my resignation on Monday (I know you have heard this once before :-)) So in 2 weeks time I will be relying on income solely from my Websites.

Scary, but at the same time very, very exciting and exactly what I have been working towards.

Still planning to continue with the Party Plan side of things and hoping to expand in this area as well.


Thanks for steering me in the right direction, time after time :-)

Lorrin (Baby & Kids Clothes Website)


Guess I'm not as dumb as I thought, you were right anyone can do this. Hope to buy another Website from you very soon.


Dropshipping is definitely the way to go.

Wendy P. (Mums & Bubs and Maternity Website)



What else can I say - your websites rock! Couldn't have asked for anything else. Know nothing about business, know nothing about Websites, now I'm the Master!!!!!!!!!!
Belinda M. (Mums & Bubs Website, Toys Website)

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Please Note: That we do have "Privacy Agreements" in place, with all of our existing store owners.
We do not publish or give out contact details for any of our existing store owners without their prior written permission.



If you would like to be put in conctact with one of our existing store owners, and to speak with them directly about
their business and/or our services - please contact us.









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